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  2. RCYC Open (Sat Jun 16)

    Looking for crew for Saturday course racing. Spin experience pref. Fun boat - great fleet. Racing Saturday only. If interested, pls contact Scott.T.C.Fraser@gmail.com Regards, Scott Fraser Knotius Maximus - C&C 27 mkV
  3. Looking for keelboat crew experience

    2018 Update: + PCOC licence +Toronto Harbour licence + CanSail 3 passed 4+ years of dinghy experience IYT International Bareboat Skipper ...still relatively new to keel boats but happy to learn more!
  4. "Lively" is a 1984 32' Bob Evelyn ultralight design, new to the Club this year, coming from the USA. Just refurbished including new North 3Di sails. We plan to do the LORC Open regattas, LYRA and of course Tuesday midweeks. Let me know if you are interested in any of these. We'll be at the May 12 event and hope to see you there.
  5. foredeck looking for mid-week and/or weekend

    Thanks to the crew board I was able to find a spot on a J105 "Sentient" for the 2018 season. See everyone out on the water!
  6. RCYC Skippers, I just moved to Toronto this winter and am looking for a boat that needs crew. My first love is foredeck, but can slot in where you need. For the past 5 years I sailed on Lightnings (front, mid, skipper as needed) and J22 (foredeck) on the reservoirs of Denver. The prior 5 years I was foredeck, at various times, on a J22, Sabre 42, and J35C in Rochester, NY. I have sailed most of my life, from junior sailing in Opti's to a few years sailing with Northeastern University in Boston. I am looking for a slot on a midweek boat or a weekend regatta in 2018. Thanks, Jeff 416-318-5941
  7. Looking for one or two additional crew for Tuesday night racing; experience preferred, but not required as prepared to train/teach; we have all been together for a long time, so dynamics are important to us; we are a relaxed but competitive group. Call 416-402-1707 or velsmh@yahoo.com if interested in chatting.
  8. osprey needs crew

    Come and race on a C&C 27 on Tuesday nights, occasional weekend races optional
  9. Experienced Crew Member

    Hi Greg, I am interested in considering it. I think it would be a fantastic opportunity. I do want to make sure I can meet your commitment expectations. If you are up for it and it is not too late, are you up for a meet a greet? Cheers, Paul
  10. Experienced Crew Member

    Hi Paul, This is Greg from Cerulean. We are looking to fill crew spots for distance and point to point racing this summer. Get in touch if you are interested. ceruleanracing@gmail.com Thanks Greg
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